2013 Adolpho Reunion Meetings
Recent Committee Meeting held 6/2/2013 at Cheryl Yorks Hale
Attendance: Judi & Greg Adolpho, Toni Hopkins, Napua Kahawaiola'a, Eric K. Keawe, Nicole K. Poole, Cheryl York.
Families have been asking if they will be able to attend the dinner on Saturday only.  Because of busy schedules we understand and would love to have families come even if it's only the luau.  The question is what will the cost be for the luau only.  The committee has decided $13 per person and there are no children prices.  Remember we are getting a deal on Hawaiian Food.  We may loose something from the original menu but we can only go with the numbers in paid registrants at this time.  Again, any donations or early regisitrants are welcome to remit their funds as soon as possible to help us maintain our 200 person count for the luau.
Review the "schedule of events" section for the activities that we'll be having.  We'll see you there!

We sincerely apologize for not posting any of the past three meetings weve held.  They were located as follows:

3rd @ Iwa Keawe's Hale in Kailua
4th @ Eric Kaleolani's Hale in Papakolea
5th @ Cheryls Hale in Ka'a'awa

We have been discussing mainly Location in the early meetings.  Now that we have QLCC secured for the weekend of July 5-7th we have been focusing on Fundraisers to subsidize cost and to assist our neighbor island ohana as much as possible for fun activities.  T-shirt designs are still welcome, Nothing has been finalized however it will be finalized this next meeting.  Please remit your designs to us ASAP.  Via email or Facebook/  Updated minutes will come forth for the next meeting on Saturday 1/26 at Cheryl York's home in Ka'a'awa. 


January 14, 2012
Kapolei, Oahu (Leo’s House)
       Jenny Espinda
       Eric “Kaleo” and Marlene Keawe –
       Cheryl York – – Reunion Chair Person
       Greg and Judi Adolpho –
       Malia Ruis – – interim Secretary
       Puni and Kaleo Keawe-Aiko –
       Hau’oli Keawe-Aiko (Puni’s sister) –
       Iwa Keawe (wife of Aunty Genoa’s third child/son, Arthur) –
       Alvin Kawa’a –
       Nicole Poole (Eric & Marlene Keawe’s second child/daughter) –
Note: Shaun Willing & Phyllis arrived after meeting
Location Updates: Final Decision Still Under Discussion
Not Available during summer:
1.      Kualoa
2.      Camp Erdman
3.      Camp Mokuleia
4.      Camp YMCA
5.      Salvation Army Camp in Waialua
6.      Makaha Church Camp
1.      QLCC Ko’olauloa Unit (Punalu’u) – Available only to non-profit organizations and can not use during business hours (i.e., on Friday, 7/12/13). Has kitchen, bathrooms, conference room and no fee.
a.       Eric “Kaleo” Keawe to see if the Genoa Keawe Foundation, which received it’s 501c3 in 2011, can act as sponsor for the Reunion.
b.      Judi to check on:
                                                               i.      Maximum group size, if any
                                                             ii.      If we set up tents on Thursday (after 4:30 PM), can we leave those items when we vacate for the day on Friday (by 8AM)?
1.      Kokololio (Kakela) – reservations only accepted 6 months in advance, first come first served via phone call (293-5564). Changes in the reservation process are anticipated. Concern is still the short time frame for making the reservation.
1.      Hukilau Beach in Laie – reservations only accepted 6 months in advance with $100 deposit. No toilets, two showers.
1.      Friends of Malaekahana – can only be reserved one year in advance. Available sites have various pricing and can accommodate various group sizes but is cost prohibitive at approximately $25 - $30 per person per night.
In general, the group felt that “free” is our best option making QLCC the first choice, at this time, assuming the non-profit situation works out.
Alternative Options Discussion
There has been ongoing discussion about doing “Oahu” type activities that include exposure to Waikiki, Water Park, Swap Meet, etc., in addition to cultural, island based activities like fish pond restoration, birthing stones, Mauna Ala, etc. With this in mind, we also discussed:
1)        Registration on Thursday closer to Airport
a)        Ala Moana Beach Park
b)        Marriott Hotel – this is where Aunty Genoa’s gang performs, pool side, early evenings. Contract is renewed quarterly, so depends if contract still in place during time of reunion. Eric “Kaleo” will check if there are any family rates on rooms. Issue may be parking.
c)        Other
2)        Scheduling Activities for Friday, maybe town side
3)        Set up camp at QLCC Friday after 4:30 PM with Saturday Activities on the windward side
Again, our first priority is to firm up the location of the Reunion before deciding on Activities, etc.
We also had a brief discussion on NOT having a central camp site, similar to the Big Island Reunion where families found their own accommodations and gathered for certain events. This idea is tabled until our next meeting.
We had a brief discussion on a Reunion “Theme”, possibly something like “I’ll remember you” in memory of those we have lost, over time.
       Each family would create a collage, memory board, or some visual item that can be presented/displayed for others to view.
       Photos of the current generations would help us to see the various connections (i.e. each of the family lines or branches within that line) more clearly
This idea is still being flushed out.
Committee Updates
Lani Guernsey
Lani is the wife of Timmy Guernsey, son of Amoy Kaiwa (Peter Line)
Send in your T-Shirt ideas!!!!
       Malia will send email blast
       Eric “Kaleo” will post on Reunion web site and post on Facebook
(NOT Confirmed)
Judi will check with Elmira about being chair.
Discussed options of having different families in charge of different meals. Meals would be:
       Thursday – Dinner
       Friday – Dinner
       Saturday – Breakfast, Lunch, Luau
       Sunday – Brunch (leftovers)
Also discussed option of having outside person prepare food and deliver:
       Roland Koki – Eric “Kaleo” to check
       Shaun Willing – Eric “Kaleo” to check
Luau Food
Not determined
Not determined
Tina Kaleo “Leo” Keawe-Aiko
Leo is Aunty Genoa’s Grandson’s wife (Manuel Line)
Leo will coordinate registration form, both paper and on-line, and work with the treasurer when money comes in.
Cecilia Leinaala Fong
(NOT Confirmed)
Ceci is the daughter of John Samuel Maka Adolpho Sr.
Each family will be encouraged to update Tribal Pages with correct/more information and photos.
       Alvin will check with aunty Porky to see if she is done updating from the last reunion and if it can be forwarded to the new chair.
       Judi to check with Ceci about chairing this committee.
Nicole Poole
Nicole is the second daughter of Eric “Kaleo” Keawe and has a background in accounting. She will coordinate funds with both T-shirt and Registration Chair as well as other Committee Chairs. Funds from Molokai Reunion have not been forwarded to Cheryl yet. Once received, she will coordinate opening an account with Nicole.
(NOT Confirmed)
Discussed asking Napua to chair this committee instead of the T-Shirt committee. Either Eric “Kaleo” or Iwa will ask her. Suggested Activities:
Service Projects
       Mauna Ala
       Fish Pond (He’eia)
Water Park
Shopping (Waikiki, Swap Meet)
Waimea Bay or Park
Luau Entertainment/Activities
Pomai Keawe
Pomai is the eldest daughter of Eric “Kaleo” Keawe
Pomai will be in charge of any activities during the Luau, including coordination of entertainment
Not determined
Not determined
Eric “Kaleo” Keawe
Kaleo will be responsible for all web communication and posting information/updates on Reunion Web site and Facebook
Not determined
Greg reported that most fundraising events require non-profit status. Eric “Kaleo” to check if Genoa Keawe Foundation can can be fiscal sponsor.
The next meeting is scheduled for February 25, 2012, either Papakolea (community center) or Kailua (Iwa’s house).
2013 Adolpho Reunion Inaugural Meeting
October 24, 2011
Kaaawa, Oahu (Amoy’s House)
Date is set: July 11, 2013 – July 14, 2013
Location: TBD
Suggestions and who will follow up with more information:
  1. Kakela (can not confirm until 6 months in advance) - Judi
  2. Malaekahana (can not confirm until 1 month in advance) - Malia
  3. Kualoa (may be too small) - Judi
  4. Camp Erdman - Malia
  5. Camp Mokuleia - Malia
  6. Camp YMCA - Malia
  7. Salvation Army Camp in Waialua - Judi
  8. Makaha Church Camp - Cheryl
  9. QLCC Koolauloa - Judi
Concerns are availability, cost, and time frame for making reservation to ensure we have the location. Also, not sure if off island families are interested in camping – less expensive than hotel but some families at the Molokai reunion indicated that when they come to Oahu, they want to do Oahu activities (town). Committee will need to discuss this further and see what our options are.
Tentative Committees, no chairs named yet:
  1. T-Shirt – discussed either Napua (not sure of last name) or David (Guernsey)
  2. Food/Luau – discussed Elmira (Momi’s sister Henrietta’s daughter who owns Tita’s Grill in Kahuku) as a possible committee chairperson
  3. Registration
  4. Genealogy
  5. Activities/Entertainment for Luau
  6. Lodging/Housing – various people getting more information as previously noted.
  7. Website – Kaleo Keawe to check with Kaeo Kawaa about how long current site can run, at what cost, and if can extend
  8. Fundraising – Greg will check on possibilities
Following a similar layout as previous reunion, tentative agenda is as follows:
Want to keep registration the same as previous years about $25 per head and $125 for family of 5 or more, immediate family members only, but may be limited based on location and if there is a cost associated with the site (i.e. Malaekahana charges $3 per tent camper per night but site is secure/gated and has hot water showers) which would be in addition to the registration fee and T-shirt cost.
The next meeting is scheduled for January 14, 2012, location to be determined (Maybe Papakolea?)

Minutes by Malia Ruiz


Present by Family Lines




Manuel Line

John Green Adolpho
John Samuel Maka Adolpho Sr.
Genoa Leilani Adolpho
Cecilia Leinaala Fong
Edward Puniwai Keawe-Aiko Jr.
Eric “Kaleo” Keawe –
Gregory and Judi Adolpho -
Edward “Puni” Keawe-Aiko III and Tina Kaleo “Leo” –



Peter Line

Bernice Leialoha Adolpho
Ida Amoy Kaiwa
Ida Jenny Espinda
Cheryl York –
Scottina Malia Ruis –
Jeannine Espinda